The people that make it all happen.

Mosab Elagha


Mosab Elagha is a senior in Computer Engineering graduating in Spring 2017. He has been with Pulse for 3 years and, as Co-Director, is very grateful to be working with such a great team. Prior to this year, Mosab was the Publicity Director (‘15) and Networking Director (‘16). Mosab is very excited to make Pulse 2017 an extraordinary community event.

Mosab hails from Oakbrook Terrace, IL and has previously interned at Apple Inc. and Fulcrum GT. His interests lie in mobile sensing, framework level engineering, and product development. Mosab looks to innovate and make a significant, lasting contribution in every role he’s in.

Outside of Pulse, Mosab is the Co-Chair for the ECE Student Advancement Committee, working and communicating with the ECE department to benefit the students and faculty of the department. He enjoys soccer, basketball, and long thoughtful walks on the Engineering Quad.

Kevin Perkins


Kevin Perkins is a senior in Computer Engineering. He enjoys programming, interfacing with hardware through software, and solving puzzles.

This is Kevin's fourth year working with Pulse. Although he is graduating in December of 2016, he plans to continue his duties to the best of his ability. He handles logistics and maintains communication with the rest of the team.

What motivates Kevin is seeing all the hard work pay off during the conference. Witnessing the great speakers, the problem solving, and the celebration of ECE makes all the time spent planning worth it. This is the reason why Kevin continues to work with Pulse every year.

Arvind Kamal

Secretary and Treasurer

Arvind Kamal is a sophomore in Computer Engineering. He plans to pursue a dual degree program namely Innovation, Leadership and Engineering Entrepreneurship. Coming from India, he plans to create a company aimed at developing artificially intelligent systems running on renewable energy, for third world countries. He enjoys programming, performing magic tricks and competitive shooting.

As Secretary and Treasurer for Pulse, he is responsible for documenting all Pulse meetings. He also assists in drafting the conference schedule and budgets, while maintaining a communication channel with the ECE Department staff.

Arvind says that participating in Pulse should be an important step in any STEM undergrad's journey. It gives a platform to work in teams to tackle world problems, network, learn, build, and innovate just to outline a plethora of exciting things in store for a Pulse participant.

David Iola

Marketing Co-Director

David Iola is a Sophomore in Electrical Engineering. His main interests lie in Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology, iOS development (Swift specifically), and College Football. David is from Dallas, Texas and prefers the warm weather in Texas over Champaign’s cold winters.

David is one of two Marketing Co-Director’s for Pulse this year. He is responsible for publicizing the event, distributing advertisements, and ensuring student awareness and excitement for the conference. David & Pooja are also responsible for the brochure handed out during the conference.

David’s favorite part of Pulse is the startup panel. He enjoys seeing new and different ideas being generated in the limitless tech space.

Pooja Welling

Marketing Co-Director

Pooja is a sophomore in Computer Science and is interested in data science and machine learning.

As Co-Director of Marketing, Pooja’s role is to oversee publicity for the event, increasing attendance from UIUC’s student and faculty community.

This year, she is excited to see how Pulse brings in a more diverse student body. For the past few years, Pulse has seen increasing ECE engagement, and Pooja is excited to see this grow to include other majors in the university.

Bassel Alesh

Media and Design Director

Bassel is a junior in Electrical Engineering. He is mainly interested in RF, electromagnetics, and the science behind a good cup of coffee. In his free time, Bassel likes to sit down and complain about pretty much everything.

This is his second year being involved with Pulse as the head of Media and Design. He is in charge of creating the visuals and artwork for Pulse.

Bassel likes Pulse because it gives students the chance to interact with company representatives and talk about the latest innovations in technology. He is hopeful that dropping the ‘ECE’ from ‘ECE Pulse’ will make the conference more welcoming and inviting to other students.

Mrunmayi Deshmukh

Corporate Director

Mrunmayi is a Junior in Electrical Engineering and is interested in power and energy systems and innovative transportation systems like self-driving cars.

As the Corporate Director of Pulse, she is in charge of assembling our corporate sponsors and communicating with them to ensure that all the workshops, tech talks and recruiting events go off without a hitch. Her favorite part of Pulse is the keynote. She believes that hearing from a prominent leader in technology and innovation inspires students to work harder and build better.

Neil Patel

Networking Director

Neil is the Networking Director for ECE Pulse. He is in his sophomore year of the Computer Engineering program. With a focus on artificial intelligence and natural language processing, he hopes to one day work on an assistant similar to Siri or Cortana.

Originally from Fremont, California, Neil enjoys programming, bicycling, and reading Harry Potter fanfiction, yet is slowly growing to love the full set of seasons (including the freezing snow) that swirl around him in Urbana-Champaign.

As Networking Director, Neil’s responsibilities include reaching out to and scheduling speakers, planning the networking social, and overseeing the startup panel.

What makes Pulse really exciting for Neil is that it's completely student-run. It’s by the students, for the students, but not anywhere close to as intimidating as a hackathon or a formal conference.

Suraj Sinha

Workshops Director

Suraj is a junior in Computer Engineering. Thanks to professor Romit Roy Choudhury, he has a newly found passion for mobile sensing and mobile applications development (as well as making fun of Mosab). In his free time, Suraj likes to play basketball, watch sports on TV, or eat food. Suraj is a die-hard Chicago sports fan; his mood of the day is defined by whether the Bulls have won the previous night. He has also lost all hope in the Chicago Bears.

Suraj is the director of workshops at Pulse, and this is his first year being involved on board. However, prior to this year, Suraj has always competed in Pulse. He really enjoys working towards a better Pulse experience because it gives the students of UIUC an opportunity to showcase as well as improve on all the technical skills that they have acquired via their classes. He is very excited to welcome the high school kids as the newest addition to Pulse, in an attempt to impact a broader range of the community!

Vibhakar Vemulapati

Competitions Director

Vibhakar is a senior in Computer Engineering with interests in computer hardware and embedded systems. In his free time, he loves solving jigsaw puzzles and playing video games of all sorts.

He has been involved with Pulse competitions for the past two years and this year, as the competitions director, he is in charge of managing the design, prototyping and the logistics of the competitions.

Vibhakar enjoys Pulse because the conference showcases the latest upcomings in technology and innovation, which develops new fields of interests in students. In addition, the competitions give students the chance to apply what they’ve learnt in the classroom to a more practical setting.

Jonathan Reynolds


Jonathan is a sophomore in Computer Science and is interested in computer graphics and cybersecurity.

His first year on the Pulse board, Jonathan is the Webmaster for this year's conference. As webmaster, Jonathan deals with a majority of the web-based systems for the conference, such as registration and the conference website.

He believes that Pulse is a fantastic opportunity for students of all backgrounds and skillsets to learn more about cutting-edge technologies and fields.



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