Speaker Series

Meet this year's speakers!

Prof. Mats Selen

Mats earned B.Sc.('82) and M.Sc.('83) degrees in physics at the University of Guelph, and M.A.('85) and Ph.D.('89) degrees in particle physics at Princeton University. After a post-doc at Cornell he joined the Department of Physics at the University of Illinois in 1993, where he is now the Associate Head of Undergraduate Programs. With Illinois colleagues he developed the iclicker classroom response system, the FlipIt learning framework, and the IOLab wireless data acquisition system. He was named the 2015 U.S. Professor of the Year.

Prof. Cinda Heeren

Cinda Heeren (PhD CS ’04) is a Teaching Professor in the University of Illinois department of Computer Science. For many semesters, she has been the instructor for CS225, a core course for both computer science and computer engineering majors. Through that class, through involvement in student organizations, and through K12 outreach, she aims to convince everyone to love computing as much as she does.