About Pulse

On behalf of the Pulse 2021 Discoveries Team, we invite you to join our tenth annual conference to celebrate the latest innovation within Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Our annual conference brings together hundreds of students and several corporate sponsors for a week-long celebration of technology through workshops, tech talks from cutting-edge technologists, a hardware competition, a software competition and a day-long celebration of women in technology.

Below are some highlights from previous conferences. This year, Pulse will be completely virtual, allowing students to connect with each other and industry leaders via Zoom.

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Our Team

Meet the executive board that makes Pulse possible!

Kelly Dunleavy


Fawaz Tirmizi


Ribhav Jain

Marketing Director

Rishab Sriramoju

Corporate & Networking

Tejas Satpalkar

Corporate & Networking

Nora Dunleavy

Media & Design Director

Savera Zulfiqar

Women In Tech Director

Abhi Kamboj

Competitions Co-Director

Nikhil Nakka

Competitions Co-Director

Rohan Sreerama

Secretary & Treasurer

Abishek Venkit

Website Director